Wednesday, December 19, 2007

1 September 1945

Today we move into a former Jap naval barracks. We have the upper bay and the lower floor will house a mess hall and dayroom. Washing and toilet facilities will have to be fixed up but we have some Jap work details cleaning things up so we should be very comfortable when things get squared away.

The weather the first day was bright and warm, but the next afternoon it clouded up, rained all night and is still raining. It is also cold. Quite a sudden change from the heat of the Philippines and Okinawa. Used two blankets last night and working the tower this AM was quite miserable.

The country looks interesting. Many groves of evergreens and very intensive cultivation of the fields. Vegetable gardens everywhere. We are restricted to the field at present, but these bans will probably be lifted when the peace is signed, which is to take place tomorrow on the battleship Missouri in honor of the President.*

[Journal ends here]

* Harry S. Truman, native of Missouri.

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RH said...

One of the finest accounts of the last days of the war that I have encountered.