Wednesday, December 19, 2007

17 November 1944

On November 15 we moved over to Detachment 39, 140th AACS which will be our home for the present. Most of the gang we came over with have been scattered in all directions. Morati, Orvi, Finschhafen, Nadzab, Kocufoor, Admuraltip, etc. Five of us, Joe Hill, Steward, James, Hanson, and myself will work in the tower at Sentani strip. Spent our first and second day building a mess hall and getting our tent organized.

Yesterday we started working. Was good to be back on the job. Lots to learn as this is a very busy strip. ATC* and troop carrier ships coming and going all the time. Worked the mike yesterday and long today. Will be put on a regular shift soon.

Living conditions are more or less temporary, as the detachment is expected to move down to a new area soon.

* Air Transport Command

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