Wednesday, December 19, 2007

29 March 1945

Time, since the last entry, has passed without much of anything going on except the usual routine of work, sleep, and eat. An occasional movie breaks the monotony. We are now living in our new shack which is quite comfortable and the luxury of a screened in structure makes the evenings much more enjoyable, as the bugs, attracted by the light, were an awful nuisance. We have put in a flower garden in front and are awaiting developments. The food has been generally poor with canned meat and beans, bully beef*, corned beef hash and dehydrated vegetables predominating on the menu. Parcels from home help to alleviate the shortcomings of the mess and our evening snacks have become a great help in reducing the empty feeling after an unusually poor meal.

Nadzab is more or less on the downgrade. Our traffic has fallen off to around 40 contacts a day. Most of us are looking for a change to a busier place as the time goes much faster when you are busy.

The war news is good. We look for the European end to be cleaned up this spring so we can really bear down on the Japs, although this theatre has been giving a good account of itself too.

And so the days pass by. Thoughts of home and what we will do when we get there are always on our mind and we wonder how long it will be before they are realized.

* Canned beef provided to troops in the field.

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