Wednesday, December 19, 2007

8 November 1944

Pulled K.P. all day today. HQ of the 68th AACS* group is down the road and some of the fellows were over there today to get the lowdown. Lt. Col. Gordon who used to be RCO of the first comm. is here. They said we would soon be interviewed and then sent out to a station. Said we shouldn’t be here more than a week.

Took in the outdoor movies tonight. First movie I ever stood up through. Theater consists of a clearing in the jungle, a projection booth on coconut palm platform. Picture was “Janie”** and we enjoyed it.

* Army Airways Communications System, responsible for communications electronics support (radio, radar, etc.) for the U.S. Army Air Force.

** 1944 release starring Joyce Reynolds and Robert Hutton. Described as a “delightful screwball romp through teenage middle America circa 1944”.

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